Requirements To File Income Tax Return For 2020 As a Freelancer.

Following Required To File Income Tax Return For 2020 As a Freelancer::

  1. Bank Name, Branch Address, Current Or Saving Account, Bank IBAN Number (Starting from PK… and Balance as On 30.06.2020;
  2. Foreign Remittance Received from 01.07.2019 to 30.06.2020.
  3. Details of Assets in Your Own Name like House/ Flat/ Car/ Bike etc. (Purchased or Inherited); ANY CHANGE FROM 2019??
  4. Mobile / PTCL Tax Certificates For 2020; (These WHT Are Adjustable); If any
  5. WTH Tax Certificate from Bank from 01.07.2019 to 30.06.2020. (This is Adjustable); If Any;

For Information, Please Contact:

  1. M. Hassan

(Registered Corporate, Income Tax and investment Consultant Since 1990)

Member: Rawalpindi – Islamabad Tax Bar Association (RITBA)

Mobile / Whatsapp: +92-333-8507474 / 0300 850 7474


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