Reasons for increase of prices in DHA Valley| DHA Valley update| Update of DHA Valley|

Good News for DHA Valley Affectees.



This video is made to provide information to the DHA Valley Affectees and investors. The main theme of this video is that there are certain reasons for the increase in the prices of plots in DHA Valley. These reasons have been discussed in this video. DHA Valley Affectees are waiting for their plots since 2008. The hard time has gone. There is good news for DHA Valley Affectees. The Prices of plots are increased on daily basis. Few reasons for this appreciating development are in this video. Plots of some allottees have already been shifted to DHA Karachi. Thus, remaining DHA Valley affectees are likely to be adjusted in the next balloting to be held shortly. Physical Possession of plots to the allottees in few Sectors is likely to be given within the next three months. DHA Valley is being connected with DHA Phase-5 situated at Islamabad Expressway shortly. A bridge is likely to be completed in the next six months. An Over-Head Bridge on Islamabad Expressway between DHA Phase-2 and DHA Phase-2 is likely to be started shortly. The next Balloting of remaining plots in DHA Valley is likely to be held within the next four months for allotment of available plots to the affectees. Location of few Sectors along with under-construction Dam makes it ideal for residential purposes. There will be the availability of water which is otherwise short in the Rawalpindi/Islamabad. Development work in DHA Valley is in progress.  Singal Free Islamabad Expressway is in progress. PWD Inter-change is likely to be completed within the next two months. It will make smooth flow of traffic on this road. Investors are searching for DHA Valley and they are replacing the affectees. Even after the increase, prices of plots in DHA valley are still attractive for medium-term investment. The Government is encouraging the real estate Sector and Construction industry. The open file system is still working which is the best option for short-term investment. Prices of plots in the surrounding area of DHA Valley are rapidly increased. The trend of High-rise buildings and Commercial Plazas also demanding residential facilities for people working in such shopping malls.

This video is made by M.M.Hassan, Investment Consultant of Property Today, Islamabad. The animation of this video is made by Careu Graphic Designer and Animator. Please like, subscribe, and give feedback for further videos to be made by me.

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